Monday, August 18, 2008

Winning After Losing by Stacey Halprin

Finally a book for those who’ve already lost the weight (or, most of it), and are looking for help with the ‘maintenance’ phase.

Stacey Halprin knows what it’s like to have a weight problem. Before having gastric bypass surgery, she weighed over 500 pounds. She knows all about the ‘invisibility’ and other feelings that come with being majorly overweight.

After going through with GBS, she made the decision to do whatever necessary to keep the weight off, and continue to get healthy. She has now maintained her loss for 5 years.

While this book focuses on maintaining your weight loss, those who are still working on it can find a lot of inspirational tips and motivation here, too. I, myself, am still working on getting the weight off, and I found this book to be really inspiring and helpful.

Because it’s more about maintenance, there are no menu plans, or “formulas” for getting thin. She does talk briefly, though, about nutrition and exercise.
Lots of good help here… I’d recommend this one!

Rated: B+

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