Monday, August 18, 2008

The Gathering Place by Becca Anderson

Casey Ellis feels unfulfilled in her church. The sermons are used to “guilt” members into service; the members’ prayers are self-seeking. Casey desires a closer walk with the Lord and realizes she won’t find it there.

While browsing in the Christian bookstore, Casey meets Lydia Steele. Over coffee, Lydia describes her church, “The Gathering Place” and its members that call themselves “the Body”. Casey’s hopes rise as she wonders if God is leading her to seek Him through the Bodylife. The more entrenched Casey becomes in the Body, though, the more she realizes it isn’t God calling her there at all!

Much of the book contains unbelievable situations, such as Casey’s immediate trust in Lydia and the Bodylife members’ financial support despite lack of employment. Yet readers will still relate to Casey’s desire to walk closer with God. Those who have experienced spiritual abuse may find strength in reading of how Casey struggles to get free.

Rated: B-

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