Monday, August 18, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Josey! by Susan May Warren

Josey Berglund knows she needs a change — big time! Her ex has just married her sister, and her best friend has just announced his engagement. So, her friend, H’s, suggestion that she “do something” with her life, coupled with a guest-preacher’s call to service, has Josey packing her bags for … Russia!

The people Josey meets in Moscow are quite the interesting bunch: Caleb, the grunge-boy; Auntie Milla & Vovka - her neighbors; and her roomate, Tracey, who’s got plenty of boy-troubles of her own.

Between teaching ESL for Moscow Bible Church, dealing with her roomate, and trying to figure out why her love-life has gone so horribly wrong, Josey questions God about His plans for her life. She knows He has some, but she’s very confused as to what they might be! Through it all, Josey realizes that she won’t get far in life trying to keep the reins … she has to “let go & let God” before her ride will smooth itself out.

I loved this book — could hardly put it down! Josey is a very loveable character, with very real struggles. Auntie Milla is hilarious … Vovka is persistent. And, Chase will make you drool. ;o)

The only complaint I had with this book (and I hate having complaints about a book by an author whose work I love!) is that it needs a better editor. There were spelling mistakes everywhere, and sometimes complete words were missing!

Otherwise, though, this is a fantastic book, and I highly recommend it! Susan’s writing is uplifting, and real. Great stuff! :o)

Rated: A

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