Monday, August 18, 2008

Finding Anna by Christine Schaub

Horatio Gates Spafford is a man driven to excel at what he does. He works for endless hours, and his wife suffers the consequences.

Anna Spafford is a woman with a quiet spirit. She often takes life as it is given to her, bowing to others’ wishes, even if her needs and wants go unmet in the process.

And, God has a way of reaching these people, even through the shells they’ve built around themselves.

I was not completely taken with this book. I found it very frustrating that the author more often “told” rather than “showed”, and this same frustration is the reason, I believe, why I didn’t connect with the characters, or come to care for them. I felt very removed from this story.

Despite these flaws, the messages sprinkled throughout this book are quite powerful: strength and peace despite suffering, forgiveness when it’s hardest, living a life of servitude, and leading others to Christ by example rather than preaching.

Not a wonderful book, but not a bad book, either.

Rated: C

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