Monday, August 18, 2008

This Year I Will... by M. J. Ryan

I found the title of this book when I was browsing Facebook’s “VirtualBookshelf” application, so I checked my local library, and was pleased tofind they had a copy. I ordered it immediately.

And, what a cool little book! It touches on soooo many topics:- neural pathways & their “plasticity” (a lot of the book focused on this,acutally)- positive affirmations & creative visualizations- prayer- your personal “success formula”- past successes- intentions… and sooooo much more!

I really loved the bits about creating new neural pathways… when you do something repeatedly, it creates a “pathway” in your brain. Kind of like a train-track. From then on, your brain will take that path unless it feels threatened… then it tends to “jump” track, and go back to your OLD habits/pathways.

Anyway. This book had lots of great advice on how to create new habits, and how to follow your dreams. I liked how she made it very clear that, what works for one person, usually isn’t going to work for everyone. Hence why you have to find your own PERSONAL success formula. Everyone has a set of actions they use to succeed, and those actions are transferrable skills… you can apply them to anything you’re trying to do differently.

Great book… recommended!

Rated: B+

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