Monday, August 18, 2008

All She Ever Wanted by Lynn Austin

Have you ever asked your parents what it was like for them growing up?

In ALL SHE EVER WANTED, Kathleen doesn’t want to dig up the past, but a counselor encourages her to open up to her daughter, Joelle, in hopes of a better relationship between mother & daughter.

Ms. Austin has packed this story with so much! Three generations of women, all who held onto their stories, and all who tried running from their problems.

The history speckled throughout the womens’ stories (ranging from the 1920s to the present day) shows that Ms. Austin did her homework in researching for this book.

The characters are written in such detail that you come to love and care for them — I even cried when one passed away!

And the relationship issues dealt with in the book are very realistic. They really made me think about, and examine, my own life.

Reading ALL SHE EVER WANTED made me desire to go to my own mom and ask her what it was like for her growing up. And, not just my mom, but also my grandma, and even my dad. I want to know their histories and how they may have played a bigger part in my own.

Themes of forgiveness, race, depression, redemption and mercy are all touched on, making this a book to recommend to many people for different reasons. I’ll be passing this book around, praying for many restored relationships because of its message.

Highly recommended!

Rated: A

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