Monday, August 18, 2008

One Little Secret by Allison Bottke

This was an engaging story about a housewife named Ursula who accidently gets thrown into the Hollywood “starlet” life when pop star, Nik Prevel, discovers her amazing singing talent. Forever afterward, Ursula’s life is changed… as is Nik’s!

The only “issue” I had with this book was the author’s constant peppering of brand names of the rich-and-famous… stuff I haven’t a clue about, and couldn’t possibly relate to! (clothing, shoes, furniture, etc). I just couldn’t “picture” most of it.

Otherwise, I really liked Ms. Bottke’s ability to draw you into the story, constantly making you wonder what’s going to happen next, and leaving you wanting to know more.

I think that the character’s lives were portrayed fairly realistically, and the descriptions of the music were so moving that I was almost in tears! I also loved that the family-life portrayed by the author was what everyone –I’m sure– dreams of having, so that is a big pull.

Overall, a very good book that I didn’t want to see end. Highly recommended!

Rated: A

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