Monday, August 18, 2008

Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh

The author of this book used to be the host of the TV show, “Clean Sweep“. He believes that clutter in people’s houses, and “clutter” (aka: “Fat”) on people’s bodies are related. He says that, in order to get the clutter off your body, you should start by getting the clutter out of your house.

His four main questions were:
* Are you happy?
* Is this the life you want?
* Is this the house you want?
* Is this the body you want?

He shows you, throughout the book, how to start with your house (he doesn’t go into great deal here, though — except for the kitchen –because he says he went into that detail in his other book, “It’s All Too Much”), and then work your way to taking care of your body.

He doesn’t give recipes or meal plans, or anything like that. He just says things like, “Be mindful when you’re eating”, “Eat stuff that supports your goals”, “Get rid of the junk”(I didn’t like this one!), and “Eat less than you used to”. Basically, it’s all common sense.

A good book. I would recommend it.

Rated: B+

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