Monday, August 18, 2008

Her Only Desire by Gaelen Foley

The first book in Gaelen’s new “Spice” Trilogy", this story revolves around Miss Georgiana Knight (cousin to Robert, Lucien, Damien, Alec, and Jack) and Lord Griffith. The tale takes place first in India, and then moves to London, England.

It’s the usual plot (the two main characters are instantly smitten with each other, but must overcome their personal struggles in order to be together freely), but I loved it, as usual. I needed some fluff. And, Gaelen’s books never cease to do the job.

It was nice to have the old “Knight clan” featured in this book, even if just with a sprinkling of mentions. I was sad when their series ended. I’d read all 7 books featuring them, so they’d become dear to me. LOL.

Anyway. This book is definitely recommended (along with all of Ms. Foley’s other books).

Rated: A-

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