Monday, August 18, 2008

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid

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I found out about this book a week or two ago, while surfing around online. Found the website, and found the book…then found that my library had a copy — yay!

Shauna Reid started out at about 351 pounds… she went to a Weight Watchers weigh-in with her sister, and had a moment of decision: she couldn’t live like she’d been doing any more. So, she made up her mind right then to change. She signed up for Weight Watchers, and she started her journey.

Shauna didn’t stay with WW, though. Eventually she learned to make up her own plan, and she joined a gym. This is her story of how she lost half of her body weight, and learned to make peace with her body and her life.

Hilarious book, but full of inspiration. You can’t help but be moved by Shauna’s story (which was originally just her blog-posts on her website, and then got turned into a book — there’s more content in the book, though).


Rated: A+

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