Saturday, March 14, 2009

REVIEW: "The Thin Commandments Diet" by Stephen Gullo, PhD

One of the better “diet” books I’ve read, this one mainly focuses on changing your MINDSET with regards to food and eating.

Dr. Gullo recommends knowing your food “history” so you can build a *strategy* that will work for you, personally.

If you have trouble / problem foods, he recommends you either “Box them In” (meaning you allow them, but only at spefic times), or you “Box them Out” (meaning you totally avoid them).

I didn’t care for the menu-plans, or the advice to eat low-fat or fat-free. But, I really liked most everything else! I think it’s smart to learn how you ate all of your life up to this point, and then build a strategy that works with that in order to change your thinking and your habits.


Rated: B-

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