Thursday, March 12, 2009

REVIEW: Recover Your Good Heart by Jim Robbins

Sub-titled: “Living free from religious guilt and the shame of not good-enough.

This book’s basic premise is that, when we become Christians, God takes away our old, sinful heart, and replaces it with a new, Christ-like heart. Therefore, we no longer need to be prodded (by fellow Christians, or anyone) to “act like a Christian” — Christ-like actions will just be a natural outflow from this new “regenerated” heart and life.

I so badly wanted to like this book, but found myself feeling like something was “off” while I was reading it. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the same message was repeated over and over again, in different wording, as were several quotes taken from other authors. This got to be a bit tedious.

That isn’t to say that others wouldn’t enjoy this book, or that it wouldn’t really impact others’ lives. The idea behind it is really powerful, and I liked that much. There were quite a few good points, and I did end up taking about 4 pages of notes!

I guess, maybe, I was looking for more of what the subtitle promised, and I didn’t feel that I got that from my reading of this book. But, perhaps I’ll need to reread the book at some point, and see if it hits me differently.

Overall, I might still recommend this book, depending on the person. In fact, I believe I’m going to pass it on to my pastor, and see if he wants to read it and share his opinion.

Rated: C

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