Sunday, August 23, 2009

REVIEW: "The King's Legacy" by Jim Stovall

A king from a faraway land is looking to leave behind a legacy for his people to remember him by. So he asks his trusted advisors what this legacy should be. One says a monument. One says a gold coin. And, one says a statue of the king, himself.

But, yet another — the eldest wise man — suggests that the king leave a proclamation of the Wisdom of the Ages. The king decides that this is a good idea, so he asks for anyone and everyone who feels they have wisdom to come and share it before the king and his assembled nobility. And, they do.

And, in the end, the king makes his proclamation.

A really good story, with –pardon the pun!– lots of wisdom to be found inside. My favorite tidbit was that “wisdom must stir people’s hearts & souls to action, for without action, wisdom is nothing more than a theory.” (p.43)


Rated: B+

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