Tuesday, July 7, 2009

REVIEW: How to Survive Your Diet by Linda Moran

I belong to a Yahoo! group led by this author, called “DietSurvivors“. Members of this group are often talking about Linda’s book, so I got really curious about it, and had to read it for myself.

And, I’m glad I did! It’s a great book that focuses mainly on resisting greed, watching portion sizes, and accepting stress as a normal part of life. While Linda focuses on the hunger-fullness method for weight loss, she also outlines a few of the other diet plans out there, and shows you how you could use them sensibly, and make them work for you. She doesn’t condemn or belittle any of them — just shows you how to use your own inner wisdom if you’re going to choose to diet instead of follow your own inner hunger cues.

The one really great thing I got from it was the reminder to look for black-and-white thinking. I still have a lot of irrational beliefs about my food and eating, and this book helped me remember that I need to root those out and replace them with truth.

I also appreciated the bits about greed. I come from a Christian upbringing, so I don’t shy away from the word “greed”… it’s been a normal part of my growing up. And, I don’t want it in my life. But this book reminded me that there are many, many, MANY forms of it — some that we don’t see as “greed” when they really are just that! For example, the book mentioned greed for approval, and greed for freedom… I suffer from both.

Lastly, I loved the tiny size of this book (only 140 pages), as it was concise and to the point. And, Linda’s examples from her own life give you a really good picture of what it’s like to live as a “normal eater”.

Definitely recommended!

Rated: A

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